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Ningbo sihai Electrical Appliance And Motor Company (Ningbo Zhenhai Micro Electric Motors Factory CO,.LTD).It is the first group of the company which appointed by mechanic and industry department ,the company  produce centrifugal switch, it is the govermental unit of China electric appliance association.We attended twice for the competition of the motor design and get into the production of centrifugal switch and electric moto.The company have certification of ISO9001-2008 quality system and abtained product certification such as :UL, TUV(E302311) and CQC(03012006946).The centrifugal switch has our own brand :BEILUN , it is aswarded as the best quality and famous brand and also have got the branded,special and got golden horse award and we are to be very famous in China and international market.We also have production of wiring board,outlet wire box and the blades for electric motor.SIHAN company would like invite all customer tou our company and make all friends with you , we always to be ready to serve all customers in both demostic and abroad. We thank you for your attention and looking forward to setting up good business with both current and new customers.
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